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Blanc de Hotot

Step into the enchanting world of Blanc de Hotot rabbits, where elegance meets charm in a small, compact package. The Blanc de Hotot is a breed of domestic rabbit known for its striking appearance and gentle disposition. Originating in France, this captivating rabbit breed has captured the hearts of enthusiasts around the world, and at Pooka Farms, we take great pride in raising and celebrating these wonderful creatures.


The Blanc de Hotot is instantly recognizable by its distinctive coat—a velvety white fur accented by a bold band of black around each eye, creating the appearance of captivating, dark-eyed beauty. This striking feature has earned them the nickname "The Eye of the Fancy." The combination of their snow-white fur and the contrasting eye circles gives Blanc de Hotots an air of sophistication that sets them apart.


Beyond their captivating appearance, Blanc de Hotots are renowned for their calm and docile nature. These rabbits make wonderful companions, especially for families or individuals looking for a pet that is not only beautiful but also gentle and easy to handle. Their friendly demeanor and social nature make them suitable for various environments, from cozy home settings to the more expansive rabbitry.


At Pooka Farms, we are dedicated to preserving the unique qualities of Blanc de Hotot rabbits through responsible breeding practices. We prioritize the health, well-being, and temperament of our rabbits, ensuring that each one is a shining example of the breed's standards. Our Blanc de Hotots are not just beautiful to look at; they embody the ideal characteristics that make them delightful additions to any rabbit-loving household.


Whether you're an experienced rabbit enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of rabbitry, the Blanc de Hotot is sure to capture your heart with its elegance and endearing personality. Join us at Pooka Farms in celebrating the enchanting beauty of Blanc de Hotot rabbits—a breed that seamlessly blends grace, charm, and a touch of magic.


Champagne D'Argent

Step into the world of timeless elegance and historical significance with the Champagne d'Argent rabbit, a breed that exudes both beauty and heritage. Originating in France, the Champagne d'Argent holds a special place in the hearts of rabbit enthusiasts, and at Pooka Farms, we are honored to celebrate and preserve the unique qualities of this remarkable breed.


The Champagne d'Argent is known for its distinct silver coat that shimmers with a lustrous, champagne-colored sheen. This breed's fur has a unique blend of silvering that creates a stunning contrast, giving the rabbit a regal appearance. As a medium to large-sized rabbit, the Champagne d'Argent carries itself with grace and elegance, making it a captivating presence in any rabbitry.


Beyond its striking aesthetics, the Champagne d'Argent has a rich history. Originally bred for fur and meat production, this breed gained popularity in the 17th century in France. It was prized for its luxurious fur, which was considered among the finest in the rabbit world. Over the centuries, the Champagne d'Argent has evolved into a beloved breed for both its historical significance and its friendly, calm demeanor.


At Pooka Farms, we are committed to upholding the standards of excellence set by the Champagne d'Argent breed. Our rabbits are raised with care and attention, ensuring that they embody the breed's distinctive characteristics, from their beautiful fur to their amiable temperament. The Champagne d'Argent's friendly nature makes it an ideal choice for rabbit enthusiasts seeking a delightful companion or those looking to showcase this exceptional breed in the show ring.


Whether you are a seasoned rabbit breeder or a newcomer to the world of rabbitry, the Champagne d'Argent's allure is undeniable. Join us at Pooka Farms as we pay homage to the timeless beauty and historical significance of the Champagne d'Argent, a breed that continues to captivate hearts with its elegance and grace.

New Zealand

Enter the world of the New Zealand rabbit, a breed that stands as a testament to versatility, resilience, and a charming demeanor. At Pooka Farms, we take great pride in raising New Zealand rabbits, recognizing their remarkable qualities and their impact on the world of rabbitry.


Known for their distinctive appearance and excellent meat-producing qualities, New Zealand rabbits have become one of the most popular and widely raised breeds globally. These rabbits boast a sleek, commercial body type with a smooth and dense coat that comes in four recognized color varieties: white, red, black, and broken. The New Zealand's striking red eyes add an extra touch of allure to their overall appearance.


Originally developed in the early 20th century in the United States, the New Zealand rabbit was bred for its meat, fur, and suitability as a laboratory animal. Over the years, their adaptability and friendly disposition have endeared them to rabbit enthusiasts, making them a popular choice for both commercial farming and as beloved pets.


At Pooka Farms, we embrace the New Zealand rabbit for its versatility. Whether you're seeking a rabbit for show purposes, as a companion pet, or for meat and fur production, the New Zealand rabbit rises to the occasion. Their docile and friendly nature makes them suitable for families, while their hardy constitution ensures they thrive in various environments.


Our commitment to responsible breeding practices at Pooka Farms ensures that our New Zealand rabbits exemplify the breed's standards. We prioritize their health, temperament, and overall well-being, ensuring that each rabbit is a shining example of the New Zealand's impressive qualities.


Join us in celebrating the New Zealand rabbit, a breed that has left an indelible mark on the rabbitry world. Whether you're captivated by their show-worthy qualities, their friendly companionship, or their valuable contributions to agriculture, the New Zealand rabbit continues to enchant and inspire at Pooka Farms.

Connecting Hearts through Enchanting Rabbits and Nutritious Rabbit Meat

At Pooka Farms, we take great pride in sharing the joy of rabbitry with our community. We are pleased to offer our exceptional rabbits for sale to 4-H participants and show homes, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to welcome these charming creatures into their lives.


Our commitment to responsible breeding practices ensures that our rabbits are of the highest quality, whether you're seeking a new addition to your 4-H project or a companion for the show ring. The unique qualities of our Champagne d'Argent, New Zealand, and Blanc de Hotot rabbits make them stand out, and we are delighted to share their excellence with those who appreciate the beauty of these breeds.


In addition to offering rabbits for 4-H and show purposes, Pooka Farms extends its offerings to those interested in rabbit meat. Rabbit meat is available for purchase by the pound, providing a nutritious and high-quality option for raw dog food enthusiasts. We offer both whole rabbit and ground rabbit meat, ensuring a versatile selection to meet the needs of pet owners looking to provide a wholesome diet for their canine companions.


If you are interested in learning more about our rabbits for sale, 4-H opportunities, or our rabbit meat offerings, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team at Pooka Farms is dedicated to providing information, answering any inquiries you may have, and ensuring a positive experience for all who share in our passion for animals.


Join us at Pooka Farms in creating connections, whether through the joy of rabbitry, the excitement of 4-H projects, or the nourishment of high-quality rabbit meat for your furry friends. We look forward to sharing our love for animals with you.

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