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Horse Training

Welcome to horse training at Pooka Farms, where we specialize in creating solid equine citizens through practical, hands-on training. Our approach focuses on exposing horses to the activities and environments they will encounter in everyday life, ensuring they are well-rounded, confident, and reliable companions. Join us to build a strong, trusting relationship with your horse through our comprehensive training programs designed to meet real-world needs.


At Pooka Farms, our horse training program is designed to create well-rounded and dependable equine partners. The journey begins with a thorough evaluation of each horse, followed by a couple of days to allow them to acclimate to the new environment and settle into the farm. This initial period is crucial for understanding the horse's temperament, strengths, and areas needing improvement.


Once acclimated, the real education begins. Our comprehensive training program covers a wide range of essential skills and activities. We start with the basics, such as grooming, tying, trailer loading, and clipping, ensuring that each horse is comfortable and proficient with these fundamental tasks. This foundational training is vital for everyday handling and care.


Horses at Pooka Farms are trained using multiple saddle types, which helps them become versatile and adaptable to different riding styles and disciplines. They are also worked on various footings and over different obstacles, enhancing their balance, agility, and confidence. This exposure is key to developing a horse that is steady and reliable in diverse situations.


In addition to physical training, we prioritize acclimating horses to the sounds and activities of a bustling barn. They are introduced to the noise of equipment, such as chainsaws, and everyday activities like sweeping and handling hoses. This desensitization process is essential for creating a calm and composed horse that can handle the typical commotion of barn life.


Weather permitting, our training extends beyond the confines of the farm. Horses are taken on trail rides or at least on adventures around the neighborhood. This exposure to new environments and experiences is crucial for building a horse's confidence and ensuring they are comfortable outside their usual surroundings.


Through this meticulous and comprehensive approach, Pooka Farms aims to produce well-rounded equine citizens who are not only skilled and adaptable but also calm and dependable in a variety of situations. Whether for leisure riding, competitive disciplines, or everyday companionship, our training ensures that horses are prepared to thrive in their roles and form strong, trusting bonds with their handlers.

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