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Pooka Farms & Rabbitry 

Pooka Farms

Formally Back to Basics Horsemanship 

est 2014

Welcome to Pooka Farms, a unique venture born out of the shared passion for animals, horsemanship, and the enchanting world of rabbits. Formerly known as Back to Basics Horsemanship, Pooka Farms traces its roots to its establishment in 2014 in the scenic landscapes of Washington State. In 2020, the journey led us back to the breathtaking beauty of Alaska, where we continue to thrive and expand our commitment to fostering a harmonious connection between humans and animals.


Our founder and riding instructor, Sarah, has been a guiding force since the inception of Back to Basics Horsemanship. Since 2014, she has been dedicated to providing riding lessons and clinics to individuals of all ages and skill levels. Her expertise and passion for horsemanship have touched the lives of many, creating a community of riders who share a love for these magnificent creatures.


In 2022, Sarah's path intertwined with that of Charlie, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Pooka Farms. Together, they merged their love for animals, combining their skills and knowledge to create a haven where the magic of horsemanship and rabbitry converge.


The name "Pooka" holds special significance for us. In folklore, a Pooka is a mythical creature known to have the ability to influence events, whether for positive outcomes or a touch of mischief. At Pooka Farms, we wholeheartedly embrace the positive influence of these mythical beings, symbolizing the magic and joy that animals bring into our lives. Pooka, in its various forms, can embody the spirit of rabbits and horses, two creatures that hold a special place in our hearts.


As we continue to evolve and grow, Pooka Farms remains committed to creating a space where individuals of all backgrounds can come together to learn, share, and celebrate the profound connection between humans and animals. Join us on this enchanting journey at Pooka Farms, where the legacy of Back to Basics Horsemanship meets the magic of mythical creatures, and the bond between humans and animals is celebrated in its purest form.

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